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IMEI-based universal IPv6 interface IDs (v08)
Description: The IPv6 addressing architecture defines a modified EUI-64 format for interface identifiers. These interface identifiers may have global scope when a global token is available (e.g., IEEE 802 48-bit MAC or IEEE EUI-64 identifiers). Such a global token, the IMEI (International Mobile station Equipment Identity), is defined for GSM and UMTS terminals and has the same properties than identifiers based on IEEE standards. This document explains the construction of a global IPv6 interface identifier from an IMEI.
Added on: 21-Dec-2003 | Downloads: 1592

Applications of IPv6 Anycasting (v01)
Description: This document describes the applications and characteristics of Anycast, which is network addressing and routing scheme that routes data through the best destination. The primary purpose of this document is to describe the many advantages and applications of Anycast and hopefully, to motivate you to consider new applications of Anycast.
Added on: 20-Mar-2005 | Downloads: 1592

Textual Representation of IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses (v02)
Description: Historically, the conventional textual representations of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses have been poorly specified. This document gives precise definitions of these conventions, together with advice for implementors.
Added on: 20-Mar-2005 | Downloads: 1591