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Mobile IPv6 Fast Handovers for 802.11 Networks (v03)
Description: This document describes how a Mobile IPv6 Fast Handover could be implemented on link layers conforming to the 802.11 suite of specifications.
Added on: 05-May-2004 | Downloads: 1594

Fast Handovers for Mobile IPv6 (v03)
Description: Mobile IPv6 enables a Mobile Node to maintain its connectivity to the Internet when moving from an Access Router to another, a process referred to as handover. During handover, there is a period when the Mobile Node is unable to send or receive packets due to both link switching delay and IP protocol operations. This ``handover latency'' resulting from standard Mobile IPv6 procedures, namely movement detection, new Care of Address configuration and Binding Update, is often unacceptable to real-time traffic such as Voice over IP. Reducing the handover latency could be beneficial to non real-time, throughput-sensitive applications as well. This document specifies a protocol to improve handover latency due to Mobile IPv6 procedures. This document does not address improving the link switching latency.
Added on: 31-Oct-2003 | Downloads: 1591

Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 mobility management (HMIPv6) (v04)
Description: This document introduces extensions to Mobile IPv6 and IPv6 Neighbour Discovery to allow for local mobility handling. Hierarchical mobility management for Mobile IPv6 is designed to reduce the amount of signalling between the Mobile Node, its Correspondent Nodes and its Home Agent. The Mobility Anchor Point described in this document can also be used to improve the performance of Mobile IPv6 in terms of handover speed. .
Added on: 31-Oct-2003 | Downloads: 1591