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Localized Mobility Management Requirements (Obsolete)
Description: This document describes goals for Localized Mobility Management (LMM) for IP layer mobility, such as in Mobile IP and Mobile IPv6. These goals are intended to guide the design of a protocol specification for LMM. Localized Mobility Management, in general, introduces enhancements to IP layer mobility protocols to reduce the amount of latency in IP layer mobility management messages exchanged between a Mobile Node (MN) and its peer entities. In addition, LMM seeks to reduce the amount of signaling over the global Internet when a mobile node traverses within a defined local domain. The identified goals are essential for localized mobility management functionality. They are intended to be used as a guide for analysis on the observed benefits over the identified goals for architecting and deploying LMM schemes.
Added on: 31-Oct-2003 | Downloads: 1634

Enhanced Forwarding from the Previous Care-of Address for Fast Mobile IPv6 Handovers (Obsolete)
Description: We introduce Enhanced Forwarding from the Previous Care-of Address (eFWD) for fast handovers in Mobile IPv6. eFWD enables a mobile node to create and directly control a bi-directional tunnel between the mobile nodeÆs previous and new subnetÆs access routers subsequent to a link layer handover. eFWD reduces handover latency by expediting the mobile node's movement detection and new subnet's access router discovery via proposed Candidate Access Router Information Discovery (CARID) method and by eliminating time to acquire a new care-of address. Main advantage of eFWD is complete removal of link layer pre-triggers that are extremely complex mechanisms to implement in wireless technologies other than cellular systems.
Added on: 07-Dec-2003 | Downloads: 1591